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The following information was published in The Americal Journal and obtained from The Department of Defense, VA, and other government agencies.


military personnel served on active duty in


which represented 9.7% of their generation. The Medal of Honor was received by 246 men.

58,148 were killed in


. 75,000 were severely disabled of which 23,214 were totally and permanently disabled. By official DOD records, the first to die was Richard B. Fitzgibbon on June 8th 1956. His son would die in


on September 7th 1965.

97% of Vietnam veterans were honorable discharged, 91% of Vietnam veterans say they are glad they served. 74% of Vietnam veterans say they would serve again even knowing the outcome.

Vietnam veterans have a lower unemployment  rate than same non-vet age groups.

Vietnam veteran's personal income exceeds that of our non veteran by more than 18%. 87% of Americans hold Vietnam veterans in high esteem.

There is no difference in drug use between in drug usage between Vietnam veterans and non-Vietnam veterans of the same age group according to a study conducted by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Vietnam veterans are less likely to be in prison. Only one-half of one percent of Vietnam veterans has been jailed for crimes. 85% of Vietnam veterans made a successful transitions to civilian life.

The belies the image that some have of Vietnam veterans 30 years after the fact. Let's not have the same thing happen to our Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

If you know some one who served in Vietnam have them contact their local Veterans organization with reference to Agent  Orange and the problems cause by the chemical.