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As part of its social contact with servicemembers and their families to care for their quality of life, the Department of Defense established the Military Severly Injured Center (MSIC) in February 2005. This establishment is designed to augment the Severely Injured Support Programs; Army Wounded Warrior, Marine Corps Wounded Marine Regiment, Air Force Palace HART and Nave Safe Harbor. The objective is to ensure seamless care to severely injured personnel and their families for as long as it takes.

Heroes to Hometowns is one element of the MSIC network that operates at the national, state and the local community levels. Heroes to Homestowns is designed to identify the needs and coordinates resources in local communities prior to servicemembers and their families returning home. The American Legion family will work with the community to organize a proper "hero's welcome" for our wounded warriors.

                      Our Mission

We, The American Legion, dedicate ourselves to encouraging state and local communities to create a positive transition home, and to establish a local support network for returning severely injured servicemembers and their families, so they can lead productive lives.

Because of the American Legion's extended national support network and the family services we provide, we can identify and coordinate resources inlocal communities to assist severly injured servicemembers and their families before they even return home

Our post homes and The American Legion families are safe haven for the military members and their loved ones. We provide a place where they can find compassion,understanding and care.

"I got to be one of those lucky guys who got a hometown hero welcome. I"ll never forget it. I felt like the president of the United States" Army Staff Sgt. Chris Bain


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VA&R (Washington Office)

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As a community-based organization, The American Legion pledges our support to build America's future on the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform. We are the vision of the past generations helping and inspering the future, for God and Country.