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Americanism  Charles Dolson 

American Legion College David Cariaddo 

American Legion Racing David Cariddo

American Legion Baseball   Carles Dolson

Blood Bank  Harold Willis

Boy State   James Hosford

Children & Youth   James Hosford

Constitution & By-Laws   Placito Sgro

Convention & Crediantials  Shirley Connolly

Distingushed Guests   Shirley Connolly

Education and Scholarships   David Cariddo

Employment & Civil Service   Ronald A. Lipschitz

Finance & Audit   Gerald DeFrancesco

Foreign Relations Joseph Toleno

Historian   Shirley Connolly

Homeland Securities/ Civil Preparedness Gerald DeFrancesco 

 Legionaire of the Year   Ted Martine

 Legislative   James Hosford

 Membership Harold Willis

Membership-DMS   Harold Willis

Oratorical Post Publications Shirley Connolly

POW/MIA Harold Willis

ROTC & JR ROTC Robert Yost

Scouting Ted Martine

Sons of The American Legion Ted Martine

Special Activities  Ronald A. Lipschitz

 VAVS   Ronald A. Lipschitz

Ways and Means   Harold Willis

Woman in the American Legion Shirley Connolly

Operation Outreach Richard L. Pizzani

Committee to Elect V. James Troiola Arthur Kieman